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e-learning: Educational System of Poland (VIDEO)

The educational system of Poland has undergone rapid and dramatic changes in the last two decades. According to an Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development study of 2013, Poland has the fastest growth rate in tertiary education attainment. It was estimated at that time that 58% of Poland's up and coming students will achieve the tertiary level of education within their lifetime, the highest amongst OECD members (compared to a 41% rate for EU21 members).

Join us for an informative e-learning session covering the current educational system of Poland, as well as institution recognition and tools needed for evaluating academic credentials from Poland.


  • Country Overview
  • Upper Secondary Education
  • Post-secondary Education
  • Sample Credentials
  • Official Documentation
  • Resources

Supplemental Materials:

This video was recorded during a previous live e-learning session (10/23/19). To register for a current, live session of e-learning, visit

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