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Part 1 - The Islamic Republic of Iran: Its Educational System and Methods of Evaluation

The newest research from ECE provides a comprehensive guide to evaluating educational qualifications from Iran.

It is available in six parts. All six parts are accompanied by a bibliography for further reading.

The final complete publication is also available in print.

The following is a preview of the content of each part:

Part 1 (Visit for a free download.)

  • historical and topical information about the country and its education system
  • government, educational oversight, and accreditation
  • academic documentation practices
  • pre-primary, primary, and lower secondary education
  • grading system

Part 2 (released February 2015)

  • upper secondary and pre-university education

Part 3 (released April 2015)

  • higher education structure and qualifications
  • list of recognized universities in both Persian and English

Part 4 (released May 2015)

  • post-secondary technical and vocational education
  • list of recognized post-secondary technical institutions in both Persian and English

Part 5 (released July 2015)

  • healthcare education including allied health sciences, dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine

Part 6 (released August 2015)

  • education of teachers, social workers, and those in the military university
  • English/Persian glossary


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